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Why Trucker Hats Are Back In Style
Time : 2023-04-03   Author : Suntrends   Browse :
Trucker hat, also known as truck hat and truck hat, is a kind of baseball cap. Sometimes it is also referred to as a "gimme cap" (pronounced "give me") or "feed cap" because originally such hats were used as promotional materials by feed or agricultural supply companies to promote products to farmers and truck drivers. Later, it became popular among celebrities and was renamed "Trucker hat". In fact, truck drivers or farmers often refer to it as a "gimme cap" or "feed cap.".
The trucker hat also broke down later, and more and more people like to wear such a hat with a sun visor at the front and breathable at the back. Designers from various brands have also introduced such hats, with the fabric and silhouette updated again. Stars also like to wear trucker hats.


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